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John's Auto Spa Double Bingo!

Congratulations to all of our jackpot winners! Over $5,000 in jackpots were won! Thank you to all of our players!
We will have a Fall Edition of Double Bingo coming soon! Stay Tuned!

A big "thank you" to our sponsors who have made this game possible for our community. Be sure to take some time to explore their resources and learn more!

Michiana Virtual Double Bingo 2022: Game Rules

1) No purchase necessary. Must be 21+ years or older to play.

2) BINGO starts on October 17, 2022 and ends on  December 16, 2022 or when our final BINGO winner is announced.

3) Michiana Virtual Double Bingo is being played as an up to 50 ball bingo game. The pattern is composed of two lines in either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

4) Players can only win once every 30 days.

5) 1 Bingo card per person (strictly enforced).

6) $100 gets added to the jackpot every day there isn’t a double Bingo winner.

7) Each call will be posted Monday - Friday at 10 am EST each day during the game on these Facebook pages:

WSBT Radio
Sunny 101.5 Radio
96.1 The Ton
Z94. 3 Radio

8) If you land a double bingo, contact us immediately by filling out the form on this page. Once we verified the double bingo is correct, the winner will win the current jackpot.

9) If there are multiple winners, whoever contacts us first will receive the current jackpot.

10) Once a winner is declared, there will be a minimum of a 2 business day break on the game to announce winner, clear your cards, and get ready to start a new game with your same card.

11) When a new game begins, the jackpot will start back at $100. You can jump in and begin playing anytime during the course of this game.

12) Mid-West Family South Bend reserves the right to make any changes and final decisions to the best of our ability for the greater good of the game and those involved.

Complete general rules for promotions by Mid-West Family South Bend can be found here:

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